Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How Much Do Bombs Cost You?

A recent Iraq cost analysis reveals the extent to which the American people are being fleeced to continue a war most of them aren't interested in pursuing. One of the compiled statistics brings the financial effects of the war right into the family living room:

The bill so far: $526 billion
Cost per day: $275 million
Cost per household: $4,100

What could your family do with $4100 in one year?
  • Start or contribute to an IRA and plan for your retirement
  • Save for your children's college education
  • Take a family vacation
  • Give the money to a worthwhile nonprofit organization
  • Repair your home
  • Fill in the blank--after all, it's your money
What could we have done with this money as a nation for one year?
What $526 billion could have paid for in the U.S. in one year:
Children with health care: 223 million or
Scholarships for university students: 86 million or
Head Start places for children: 72 million
Who still thinks it's a good idea to stay in Iraq? Not most Iraqis or Americans:
79% of Iraqis oppose the presence of Coalition Forces.
78% of Iraqis believe things are going badly in Iraq overall.
64% of Americans oppose the war in Iraq.

If we built one less bomb, we'd be nearly $2 million closer to promoting help instead of hurt. Build one less!


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Matthew said...

I don't know what stupid source you attained your statistics from, but those are wrong, and when you say build one less bomb, why not say, lets save one less Soldier, or lets try to win one less war, so how about before you build one less bomb you make one less blog, and when you talk about the 4,100 per house hold, if that is even right, then you have a horrible misunderstanding of things, people wouldn't have that money if we were in a war or not, it would still be taxed.So how about you go and take a class that try and learn a little and come back and talk some more.